Getting MultiMarkdown to DOCX

One of my recurring problems I have these days is getting my notes written in MMD to a format my peers can understand. But thanks to a heads up post by @MacSparky, I believe I have this one knocked off. Craig Scott, the maker of iThoughtsHD [1], has released an update to his iOS app called makeDoc.

I’ve spent a little time with the app, and for $2.99, it is doing everything I need it do from my iPad.

  • Converts MD/MMD text into a basic .DOCX file
  • Allows me to share the new document via the Open In functionality
  • Can be emailed straight from makeDoc app.

I can see this app quickly moving to my home screen on my iPad very soon.

  1. My favorite mind mapping app.  ↩

And we’re back… I think

This site has been a creative relief valve for me in recent years. But the last couple of days have made rethink my desire to have a website. In the last three days I’ve had to:

  • Revert WP theme (as you can now see)
  • Remote into MySQL to unlock admin password (still looking at why)
  • Argue with hosting provider on some of their firewall rules (never got past L1 support)
  • Scramble to fix a link to a post that was "lost" (still not fixed)

My passion for doing this website at first was just the learning experience – better understanding of HTML, the inner workings of WordPress, and sharpening programming skills. [1] That passed when what I put on the site started to matter more that what was in the site. So while I continue to mend the site from the recent WP brute force attacks, I doubt I could give it up.

And if worse gets to worse… I can always go back to Blogger.

  1. Dreams of doing side work danced through my head one Christmas vacation.  ↩

Snot rockets and bow ties

Living in Minnesota makes spring one of my favorite seasons. Not because it’s getting warmer, but because I’ve got bored of the normal winter activities and it’s time for something different. [1] One of the rites of spring where I live is getting the first ride in on a local bike trail. This trail is used by cyclists, joggers, and walkers, so something usually happens when you get a bunch of people out on the trail for one of the first nice days.

Now as nice as the weather has been, cycling in Minnesota, in April, can cause some unique nasal conditions. And as a result, most cyclists will need to clear their nasal passages in the middle of a ride.[2] My mistake? Doing it in front of two colleges girls who were casually walking the trail.

As I continued to ride past them I heard one of them say:

Umm, no. Did you see what he just did? Not cool.

Now I’m not sure what interest these two had in me before I did the unmentionable act, but apparently snot rockets aren’t cool.

Normally when I go for a ride my mind will wander aimlessly for however long I’m out. I’ve had, and sometimes lost, some of the best ideas I’ve ever imagined while riding my bike. So now that I’ve been informed that snot rockets aren’t cool, I started to make a mental list about is cool and what isn’t.

So from the ride I learned:

  • Bow ties are cool.
  • Snot rockets aren’t cool.
  • Being a dad is cool.
  • Going left, when someone says ‘On your left’ isn’t cool.
  • Being married for 10 years is cool.
  • Realizing how fast it went isn’t cool.
  • Beating a Yukon Denali to the next intersection is cool.
  • Acting like a child because a cyclist beat you to the next intersection isn’t cool.

… and the first ride in spring is always cool.

  1. This of course leads to being bored of spring and happy for summer to arrive. Thus the never ending cycle of living in a state of four seasons.  ↩

  2. Or otherwise known as the snot rocket.  ↩

The real reach of Facebook Home has an interesting post [1] regarding the recent announcement by Zuckerberg and company. Om lays out concerns related to the announced Facebook Home application for Android. The best point he makes is one actually made by Zuckerberg himself.

…unlike the iPhone and iOS, Android allows Facebook to do whatever it wants on the platform, and that means accessing the hardware as well.

Umm… I don’t want that kind of access on my smartphone by a company that has had a history of playing loosey goosey with my personal information.

I know the whole "since Facebook is free, the end users are the product" argument. But does everyone who uses Facebook know this? I’ve seen posts on my Facebook wall claiming my Grandma "Likes" a singles dating service. Really? I love how easy it’s been to connect with distance family and friends, but the cost of personal information and privacy is getting to the point it’s no longer worth it.

So is Facebook a Nigerian 419 scam [2] in emperor’s clothing?

  1.  ↩

  2.  ↩