King of the world…

There is a street corner that I bike past during most of my rides.  The corner has a fire hydrant and a bunch of wildflowers planted around the hydrant.  Each time I ride past this corner, I say to myself that I have to get there before the flowers start to fade.  Well I finally made it today and this was the prize winner of the bunch I took. 

ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/400s

Now I’ve been doing a lot of reading and listening to podcasts to try and elevate my photography skills.  But after getting this shot, I can’t help but believe more in what Scott Bourne said on his blog [Link]:

Photograph locally: While it may be a gross oversimplification to say that anybody can make a great photograph in Monument Valley the truth is that that the art of landscape photography often seems to get confused with the real estate business because of it’s emphasis on location, location, location. When I completed that Maryland Institute assignment oh-so-long ago, it’s subtext was being able to photograph landscapes “that I could walk to from my house.” Since I lived in Baltimore City, the teacher and my fellow students asked to see my slides again after I announced the subtitle. That’s just the kind of affect you want to have on whoever your own audience may be-”can I see it again?”

When I went on the World Wide Photo Walk a couple of weeks ago, I was so overwhelmed with what to do and what to see, I know I didn’t get to capture some smaller details that were there.  Trust me, I’ve seen what some of the others captures and now realized I walked right past that photo opportunity.  I’ve ridden past this corner all summer and as I biked away I would always imagine the kinds of angles and shots I wanted to take.  So when I finally got the time to go back there, I feel like I really got the details and pictures I wanted.

This little guy was just a bonus.